Growth and Form: Sichong Xie, Ethan Marks, Peter Mark

An experimental demonstration of growth and form, featuring performances/presentations by Sichong Xie, Ethan Marks, and Peter Mark.


Door: $7


Sichong Xie – “The Boat Has Sailed, Hasn’t It?”


The project “The Boat Has Sailed, Hasn’t It?” includes three parts – a fish’s funeral speech, a seesaw boat, and a floating dock in the Wesserunsett Lake, Maine. The voiceover present what Sichong Xie calls “boat conversations,” produced on a wooden seesaw boat that Xie built during the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture residency in 2018. What we see scrolling on the screen are not the documentation of the project but the search performed by Sichong Xie and Hadrien Gerenton with their personal and collective memories.




Ethan Marks – Danger!


Description: “Danger!” is an improvisational performance piece for wood, plastic, metal, hammer, drill, scissors, screws, nails, drill bits, a hard hat, and hazard signs. Firearms are strictly prohibited, falling objets may be present, and serious injury may occur.




Peter Mark – TBA