GIF is a one day interactive arts festival. GIF stands for “Graphics Interchange Format – Picture Format” in which a series of images are placed together in a file to create moving images. .GIF has been running for a year and a half and there have been three events prior to this one. With each event brings more success. .GIF started in Vancouver BC at Fingers Crossed Studios formerly Franklin Studios.


Erik Zepka
Felix Konczakowski
Christopher Johst
Carine Klonowski
Sam Alexander Mattacott
Bogart Jordan
Sabato Visconti
Korina Gallika
Jarkko räsänen
Colby Jennings
The 99 cent chef
Julie Malice
Leo Lage
Michael Cooper
Jah Justice
Stephen Fishman
Donna Kuhn
Julian shine
Un Maru
Di-Andre Caprice Davis
The Current Sea
Brandon Muir
Erica Lapadat-Janzen
Tara Hutton
Oana Clitan
Juha Van Ingan
Jim Swill
Amia Yokohama
Maeshelle West-Davies
Zachary Ernest
Omo Abode
Henry Tucker
Kevin Welsh
Frankie Crescioni
Paul Rarick
Jeff Hallbauer
Damian Blaise
Daisy Heroin
John Mutter
Brandon Tauszik
Elena Garnelo
Laura Kim
Dafna Ganani
Marios Athanasiou
Camila Gomez
Jonathan San Nicolas
Aapo Nikkanen
Georgios Cherouvim
Jeff Gompertz
Robert b Lisek
Jeff Edwards
Corbin Clarke
Liz Walsh
Bad blueprints
Donna Kuhn
Kiril Kanartcheff
Russell Kramer
Kevin welsh gif series
Cleber Gazana
Ashlyn Antsee
Stephen Leafriver
Domenico Barra
Mighty Kongbot
Jamie Quast
Kat Genikov
Kateryna Gaidamaka & Ksenija Serbina
Mhand Abadou
Ashleigh vaillancourt
Tim Nolan
Uno Moralez
Olga abeleva
Jash Grafstein

The one day event will take place on July 18th at Coaxial and will be accompanied by various musical and interactive acts.

TO SUBMIT PLEASE EMAIL: gillian.charlie.cole@gmail.com

The cover for the event is $ 10 and free for artists and performers of the event