Flexing (OR), Modern Color, Sprain

Flexing: Heavy Political post punk from Corvallis Oregon, Flexing is everything you’ve always loved about DIY punk, while also being as fresh and exciting as possible! it’s loud, aggressive and gives a listener alot to think about.

Modern Color: Everyone’s favorite south bay indie rock/ shoegaze!, Modern Color move too fast for most, in the 3 years since their first release they’ve been almost constantly on tour, all over the United states, Japan and Europe. Leaving behind a string of exciting releases

Sprain: shoegazey/ slowcore/art rock from right here in LA. sprain can switch from slow and thoughtful to heavy and noisey at any given time, blending genres to create a wall of sound that’s as welcoming as it Is challenging.

8pm door. First act shortly after
$8 all ages.