Electronic Soldering Workshop with Eli from Mystic Circuits

Learn to build the PFRsillator Mini: a simple DIY kit designed with DIY beginners in mind. In this online workshop Eli from Mystic Circuits will guide you step by step in detail. The synth itself is a touch-based noise maker which is very responsive to small differences in pressure. You want modem sounds? This thing makes a wide variety of them. Full kit and everything you need to build the PFRsillator Mini along with a power supply will be mailed a week before the scheduled workshop.
“Mystic Circuits doesn’t do things like everyone else. We aim to push the boundaries of what is possible with synthesizers without getting rid of the fun and levity that makes working with synthesis so transformative. Rather than revamping old ideas, we are interested in the creation of new fundamental building blocks in synthesis.”



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Live Stream Event – Tune in on https://coaxialarts.org/live

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