EHH Taping: The Homie / James K / Bernard Herman

Experimental Half Hour and Coaxial presents a Live Taping with these spectacular Sound and Performance Artists.


The Homie: Pop World Dom. A music hybrid founded by J. Nadya Aziz Habibi. Uploading dystopic melodramatic jams into a disinfected world. Is currently based in Los Angeles. This is their DEBUT performance of this current project. TH is an ex member of Bay Area’s group, Official Tourist, who has shared stages/tours with amazing artists like MIA, Spank Rock and Santigold.

James-K is an active artist in the Berlin circuit with ephemoral demonstrations of their depicted dreamworld and perceptions of physical therapy. We are proud to host them!! Check out their videos.

Beyond excited to host this enchanting artist and the one and only, Bernard Herman to Coaxial and a live EHH taping!! BH is based in New York by way of Providence. Their hypnotic songs and melodic compositions leave audiences spellbound.

Other videos artists included- more TBA.
Curated by Experimental Half Hour and Suzy Poling.
$8 Door

Experimental Half-Hour is a television show that started in August of 2010 in Portland, Oregon as a platform to engage and broadcast local and international musicians, performance artists, dancers, and comedians. The half-hour episodes provide a record of the contemporary performing arts and video culture. Conceptual collaboration is stimulated by access to a broad range of new and old technologies ranging from live video broadcasting to glitch-based homemade video effects “stomp” boxes. Experimental Half-Hour challenges the idea of television and creates a platform for artist to channel their ideas that are sometimes hard to do on its own. This kind of collaborative environment creates unexpected pleasant surprises that brings artists together in a community.

Since the winter of 2013 the show has officially been relocated to the land of television, Los Angeles. Since moving the show has become more self-reliant due to the lack of public resources available and recently built a mobile studio. Experimental Half-Hour hosts and presents live events in various venues, galleries, and art spaces across the Los Angeles area that are documented to HD video and broadcast live on the internet.

The duality of analog and high definition technologies creates a representation of the changes to the world of television. We combine these technologies as an homage to the cable access television culture while welcoming the new form of broadcasting on the internet.


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