“The globe of this earth is not just a machine, but also an organized body, as it has a regenerative power.” – James Hutton, 1788


This event is an audio-visual performance collaboration between Russian artists Maria Agureeva and Sophie Alieninova. Experimental composer and musician Sophie Alieninova will create a one hour sound sculpture in live time while the audience views a 5-channel video installation entitled ‘Dust’ by contemporary artist Maria Agureeva.


Viewers will simultaneously witness the metaphor of death and birth of the mortal body. The space will feature the video projected on a two large main screens with three smaller screens in varying positions throughout the space. The sound performance will be a live organic reaction to the film and will incorporate analog machinery and voice as the main vehicle for auditory dismantling. This event is free and open to all ages.


One Night Only
Friday, June 7
Doors: 7PM
Live sound performance: 8-9PM


Coaxial Arts Foundation
1815 S Main St, Los Angeles, California 90015
**Street parking**