Diabolic Flowers

~*-,** paradise is exactly like where u are right now ~*-,**

a nite of noise, video and beverage art from the creeps and creatures of los angeles, new orleans, new york, tijuana and…nebraska?

vortal curb
elliot reed
nick klein + nelson hallonquist
sofia reta
alice cunt
heart pressure
some pepper
mutinerango sun
ana reptiliana
lucite spine
wade blazer
kim fuck
the mule
cleo hoover
ball house
moment trigger

5pm ~*-,-*`~
food, and drinks!!! bring something 2 grill if u want! ~*-,-*`~
cocktail art by steph russ ~*-,-*`~

a secret location, in dtla, ask a friend or message this group ~*-,-*`~