Brock and Eva of Experimental Half-Hour started a new art space in Los Angeles called Coaxial, dedicated to experimental television and media art. With this space we intend to bring the community of experimental video art and television together by hosting events, workshops, live TV tapings, and art exhibition.

The aim of the space is to exhibit and have a workspace for media art in Los Angeles. The facility will host events that tailor to media art and performance. On non-performance days the facility will serve as a workshop for media art by making use of the built in sound-stage, live television equipment, and analog video effect devices. The name itself was derived from cooperative arts exchange, Coax, to an exchange of ideas and processes that can be presented and exhibited to the larger arts community.

The facility will be available for use by artists and we intend to host a rotation of resident artists that can make use of the space to create new works that they otherwise would not be able to.

On a regular basis the space will host exhibitions of media art and have a store-front window display of installations. The space will showcase underground pieces of art that otherwise would not be shown in many galleries due to the nature of more ephemeral media art not being conducive to the gallery sales system.