Coaxial Livestream at /’fu:ba̝r/ festival

Coaxial will be livestreaming an all live set from our Downtown Los Angeles space directly to /’fu:bar/ festival in Zagreb, Croatia on Saturday October 3, 2020 from 11:00am to 1:30pm PST (8pm – 10:30pm CET). Tune in for a night (daytime in LA) of live music and video collaboration.
/’fu:bar/ is a yearly festival gathering focused on electronic error-themed reinterpretative multimedia art. The week long festival starts on the first Saturday of October and hosts an artist residency program, showcases diverse talks, workshops, performances and an inclusive group exhibition. /’fu:bar/ is an open and free glitch art event, aimed at local communities in a physical space, and accessible to transnational communities in networked space, while including diverse local, regional and international authors and their collaborations.
Alex Pelly and Oren Kolin will be collaborating on dark ambient soundscapes with audio reactive analog synthesized visuals. Alex will be performing on audio and video synthesizers while Oren accompanies on heavily affected electric guitar. Alex Pelly is a Canadian video artist based in Los Angeles who frequently collaborates with musical accompaniment, her work serving as a reflection of and muse to the music simultaneously. This is her first time contributing to the audio as well as the visuals. Oren Kolin is an Isreali guitarist and singer/songwriter based in Los Angeles who plays in shoegaze/ambient band Drawing Board.
Tropical shit. A Pan-Diasporic fusion of contemporary organic and electronic sounds. Always intentional and always intersectional; Tropical Shit is a love letter to and from the African Diaspora. We explore Black sounds, imagery and narratives from across the globe and then turn them into a sweaty dance party. Our monthly livestream features Broso on sounds and Videomo on visuals, creating a Pan-Diasporic fusion of contemporary organic and electronic aesthetics.
Naomi Mitchell is a designer, user, and educator of modular synthesizers. She designs and makes eurorack modules as omiindustriies and performs live under a variety of project names, most recently as Panic Hardware. Her work focuses on rhythm and randomness and the interaction between artist and electronics. She can be found @omiindustriies on social media and lives and works in Los Angeles.
Loopgoat is “sonic space doom”.
Alex Brown is a filmmaker whose work connects technical experimentation and narrative through the use of analogue video processes as storytelling tools. Informed by her experience as an editor, Brown’s work is visually playful and darkly psychedelic, dancing between the abstract and the literal. Brown also works in still photography and is the author of two books, “Human Analogues” and “Endless Night”. Her work has been exhibited at Coaxial Arts Foundation, Femmebit, and LACMA in Los Angeles, The Basic Premise in Ojai, and Artists’ Television Access in San Francisco. Her photographs have been featured in Spin, Flaunt, and LA Record.
Gay Felony is the ongoing Trans-Temporal crime of Scallion Chloe 8800, a renegade Meta-Poly Synthesist from 2451, Post-Cistory. Through sacrifice, she is in the 21st century attempting to accelerate the coming of the Trans Future. Using Trans-sensational Phenomena, she brings sonic modulations of the New Queer Timeline into the Cistoric era, increasing global flow of the Queernon particle and weakening Binary influence upon this time.
Co-Founder and Director of Coaxial, Eva Aguila is a multidisciplinary artist from Los Angeles, CA. Aguila’s background includes film, video, performance, and sound. Her passion for organizing started as a need to support grassroots organizing in underrepresented art communities. In 2010 she started the cable access television show Experimental Half-Hour with her partner Brock Fansler. Through Experimental Half-Hour Aguila curated, engineered, and applied analog special effects with performers and other video artists to create collaborative art videos. Aguila co-created Coaxial Arts Foundation in 2015 as a way to further the community of multimedia artists in LA, as well as foster the community itself. Inspired by the in-between and structuralist techniques, her work most recently is informed by the oral histories and Mexican diaspora of rural communities of Michoacan where her parents and family are from.

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