Coaxial at Unlock Winter Wanted in Moscow, Russia!

UNLOCK WINTER WANTED Festival Friday 1/15/21 9AM-12:30PM PST (8pm-11:30pm Moscow)
A program of outside electronics, sound art, and experimental A/V. Streaming from DTLA to the festival in Moscow to devices everywhere!

ALEX PELLY @alexpelly & OREN KOLIN @orenkolin dark ambient soundscapes with audio reactive analog synthesized visuals. Alex will be performing on audio/video synthesizers while Oren accompanies on heavily affected electric guitar.

ANDORKAPPEN @andorkappen Hungarian American sound & visual artist. Electronics to Harsh Noise. Currently his emphasis is creating unpredictable/indeterminate sound worlds combining improvised electronic and vocal patterns with field recordings and a-musical sound sources.

Big Debbie productions Ursula Yashenko @debbiedingledong and Karo Yagjian @rogue_states. Heavily influenced by the Soviet new wave animation and music Big Debbie combines music with animation, collage, found footage, and analog effects they weave visual spells of a rhythmic state.

GODTEASE @godtease Moscow-born, LA-based performer weaving together classic choral and pipe organ traditions with the deconstruction of her native Russian tongue. Creating narratives within her improvisational electronic hymnology, she distorts analog circuitry and undulating rhythms to create a wildfire of prayer

SMOKEY EMERY @developments__
& ANNA MIKHAILOVA @admannamikhailova

STRANGELAND @william_strangeland

SYNC SAPRO @sync_sapro is a nonbinary interdisciplinary artist based in NYC. Their creative practice began with exploring the constraints of repurposed “obsolete” video technology and evolved to incorporate audio synthesis in a synaesthetic fashion.

TEASIPS @teasips__

THE WATER TANK SESSIONS (II) VERÓNICA PEÑA @veronica_pena_live_art & TARA GLADDEN @ctaragladden, is a long-distance series of audio-visual collaborations that invites sound artists to improvise while being inspired by the vision of the submerged human body.

WAR HIPPY @TheZeroCollective & @vrrrtcrb is an experimental/Noise duo based out of LA that specializes in off grid/self powered/high impact live performances with an ear for deep tonality & harmonic structure.

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