Clay Rendering, Milliken Chamber, Wilshire Corridor

A cold storm of dark-wave, post-punk, and post-industrial from three of LA’s finest.


Clay Rendering


Slow-burn, somberly seductive dark post-punk from Mike & Tara Connolly’s duo-turned-quartet. Releases on Hospital Productions and Mike’s own Gods Of Tundra. Patient, rewarding reconstructions of gothic gloom.


Milliken Chamber


Synth-obsessed darkwave from ex-Forever Grey members and Michigan expats Anna Schmidt and Kevin Czarnik. Cold and murky EBM refusing to sacrifice its inherent floor-filling, rhythmic bliss.


Wilshire Corridor


Assertively obscure and cryptic dark-ambient industrial, hinting at diverse lessons received everywhere from Coil to Skinny Puppy to Trepaneringsritualen.


Saturday, September 28th
Coaxial Arts
Downtown Los Angeles
Doors: 8 PM
Music: 9 PM