Clay Rendering, Deep Cross, Mutant, Glaare

Deep Cross and Mutant, both on tour from Texas, joined by LA favorites Clay Rendering and Glaare.

Clay Rendering

Somberly seductive dark post-punk from one of LA’s most cherished quartets. Patient, rewarding reconstructions of gothic gloom that have become a staple of the legendary Hospital Productions discography.

Deep Cross

Heavy and foreboding detonation from this Austin, Texas duo who expertly distort the lines between doom, post-punk, and industrial, never giving into any of the cliches associated with such labels.


Powerful and uncompromising deathly EBM/Industrial worship from this enigmatic one-man force. Uncompromising analog madness.


Local darkwave/post-punk mainstays featuring folks who’ve spent time in Soft Kill, Ancestors, and Wax Idols. An ethereal slow-burn of surreal density.

Saturday, February 29th
Doors: 8 PM
Music: 9 PM

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