Cali Bellow “The Killers” Album Release Show

Join us for an evening of celebrations, reflections, and vampires in honor of Cali Bellow’s newest album “The Killers. Featuring sounds from Cali Bellow, Sophiaaaahjkl;8901, Cari Stevens, and Rain E. Day and the Sunshine Girls.

Cali Bellow:
As Cali Bellow, Leah B. Levinson writes, performs, and records music from a place of deep love and infatuation with songs. Her work is often vulnerable if campy, confessional if surreal, and humorous if melodramatic. Her latest project, The Killers, seeks to explore solitude, subjecthood, and sociality through the figure of the vampire.

Sophiaaaahjkl;8901 emailed strongbad when they were 10 and he responded.

Rain E. Day and the Sunshine Girls

Cari Stevens

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