BD&D Antiques | New Episode Premiere

BD&D Antiques is an ongoing series of strange, seemingly non-sequitur skits, directed by Robbie Hansen, AKA Vitamin Wig C.

8pm – a Rolodex of trailers & snippets to videos/films by artists & directors Hansen is currently enjoying or has worked with in the past.
9pm – Screening of BD&D Antiques (Episodes I – VI) and the unveiling of newest episode.

Featured works by:
Trulee Grace Hall
Gina Clark
Grant Davis
Jean-luc Unger
Taralyn Thomas
Troy Fromin
Dino Felipe
Aimee Goguen
Edward Torres
Troy Fromlin
Aimee Goguen
Keith Ballard
& more to come! Stay tuned.

POPCORN and other treats will be available ~ $5 donation!