Band Aparte, Kesem, Solar Wimp, Those Darn Gnomes

Band Aparte

– beachy post punk. Despite the genre’s usual somber attitude, band aparte pushes post punk where no one thought to bring it, and puts on one of the most exciting performances one could see. By pushing their sound and performances far past the usual expectations of post punk. band aparte stands out in a scene as saturated as Los Angeles.


-weirdo psych played by noise freaks.It’s kinda like punk, kinda like metal, really loud and really fun. Kesem is showing us why we should still care about psych rock in 2019

Solar wimp

Jazzy, Mathy metal. Sharing a member with Jazz Duo, oort smog, Solar wimp puts forth intricate, fast and exciting metal that listeners shouldnt/couldn’t sleep on

Those Darn Gnomes

Scuzzy noise from who knows where. Those Darn Gnomes will play in the middle of the room with everything fron toy guitars to modular synths in suitcases. Frantic and exciting, members can go from 3 to, much more, depending on the show and whether it ends in an interband wrestling match is up to chance

October 10