Athame 8: Nadoyel, Paige Emery, Huntress Janos, Mx Matias



^^^ Nadoyel ^^^

dark drones & angelic vocals from above & below

### Paige Emery ###

Paige Emery is a musician and painter based in LA. With a background in fine arts, Emery uses sound to explore realms beyond the confines of traditional technique. Blending analog and electronic elements, Emery crafts lo-fi outsider pop with dreamy hooks and moments of dissonance.

~~~ Huntress Janos ~~~

Afro-Hungarian Queer American Artist/Designer, and Community Arts Partnership Teacher: “I create vibrant and socio-politically minded installations, synth-rap performances, and animated films that have a focus on unexpected change and the nature of perspective.”

>>> Mx Matias <<<

Songcraft running a disparate collection of influences and references, pop, experimental electronics, noise, and more from Los Angeles artist Matias Anaya.

Thursday, July 25
Doors: 8 PM
Music: 9 PM