Allegory Chapel, God Is War, Fistula Dagger, Rust Worship, Desiccation Industries

Extreme music from California. Noise, industrial, and power-electronics par excellence.

Allegory Chapel Ltd.

Long-running, unclassifiable post-industrial project from Los Angeles. Bleak ambience, synth abuse, pummeling beats, and numerous surprise trajectories.

God Is War

Hyper Violent Industrial Music from Terror Cell Unit representative. Confrontational and unsettling resonance mirroring the chaos of a world obsessed with war and control.

Fistula Dagger

Murder Electronics from members of The Black Scorpio Underground and Reaper. An unrelenting cacophony of the disturbed and disturbing.

Rust Worship

A churning dirge of Industrial Noise out of LA, loops, samples, and feedback forged into a massive onslaught of murk. First performance since spring tour, new set.

Desiccation Industries

Ukrainian Power Electronics out of Sacramento, featuring members of Black Scorpio Underground. A punishing expansion of classic sounds.

Saturday, August 3
Doors: 8 PM
Music: 9 PM