Coaxial Fundraiser Telethon

Fundraiser event for Coaxial


Live call-in telethon call (213) 536-8020 starts at 6pm PST Hosted by Adam Papagan

6:00 Adam Papagan intro
6:15 Vitamin Wig C
6:45 Video screening of Land by Eric Leiser

3VR: Liminal Realities
By FLOAT (Kate Parsons and Ben Vance)
3VR is a roomscale virtual reality experience that plays with notions of optical illusion and visual music. 3VR uses analog video textures in a real-time interactive context, creating a synthesis of video art, interactivity, and music. Featuring a soundtrack by Kid606.

9:00 Jonnie Prey performance
9:30 Tree Skeleton
10:00 Gaylord Fiend
10:45 Video screening of Dying by Kristel Brinshot
11:00 Eras
11:45 Video screening of Mr Daniels by Jesus Rivera and Jonnie Prey
12:00am White Boy Scream
12:30 am Videos by Alex Pelly
12:45 am DJ Kid 606

Cupcakes by Myra Dingley’s kitchen
Gumbo by Gris Du Monte

$10 donation at the door

Or support us through our gofundme