100% Synthetic Video Screening curated by Estuary Ltd.

Coaxial Arts Foundation is proud to present this special one night screening by Providence-based music and video art label, Estuary Ltd. These video art pieces have originally been compiled as a limited DVD release. The works will be screened by artists listed below and DVDs will be available along with other merch from the label. Please join us for this rare event by so many amazing artists who we already love.

Various Artists {100% Synthetic}
100% Synthetic is a DVD collection focused on audiovisual works in which all sounds / images are synthesized using analog / digital technologies, but whose origins are not concrete sounds or images from the physical world that are processed / manipulated—the material is, as per the title, 100% synthetic. http://estuary-ltd.com/releases/est5008/

Rosa Menkman: http://beyondresolution.info/
Kadet Kuhne: http://kadetkuhne.com/
Christopher O’Leary: http://chris-oleary.net/
Asha Tamirisa: https://ashatamirisa.net/
Maralie: https://maralie.com/
Amnon Wolman: http://amnonwolman.org/
Yoshi Sodeoka: http://sodeoka.com/
MYMK: http://mymk.bandcamp.com/
Blevin Blectum: http://blevinblectum.com/
Alexander Dupuis: http://alexanderdupuis.com/
Derek Holzer: http://macumbista.net/
Mark Cetilia: http://mark.cetilia.org/
Sabrina Ratté: http://sabrinaratte.com/
Roger Tellier Craig: https://rogertelliercraig.com/
MSHR: http://mshr.info/
Andy Ortmann: http://nihilistrecords.net/
Matthew Underwood: http://mattunderwood.net/
William Contino: http://williamcontino.com/
Stephen Vitiello: http://stephenvitiello.com/
Andrew Deutsch: http://vimeo.com/andrewdeutsch/