Become a Coaxial member for $5 a month!

This time of year is always time for reflection and planning. One thing that is always lingering over our heads is how we am going to come up with ways to raise money for Coaxial​ to stay open for another year.


Instead of crowdfunding we are trying a new method of raising money by starting a membership program. To be completely transparent, to keep our doors open we need to raise $18,000 a year (not including unexpected maintenance expenses like emergency plumbing or improvements like the A/C). That sounds like a lot but if we are to get only 300 $5 members that covers Coaxial’s yearly overhead expenses!


We rely heavily on donations from our patrons to give. The grants we receive are very few and only allow us to give a certain percentage towards rent. When we have paid events we give 50% of the donations from the door to the artists/musicians. So when you are attending a paid event you are supporting both the artists performing and the space to stay open. The money you give all goes back to the space. You are not paying for anyone’s salary. Everyone that runs the space has a day job and volunteers their time to run the space. It is a labor of love and we do it because we care about the work that is being exhibited in the space. If you love us and want us to stay open in 2018 please help us by becoming a member. Don’t just like or share it. Commit to giving $1 or $5 a month. Any amount you can commit would help us stay open.