“A New Futurity” curated by Paulina Lara

Coaxial is proud to present “A New Futurity” curated by Paulina Lara on our livestream: twitch.tv/coaxialarts on Friday, October 23 at 7 pm.

At this moment in time, where isolation, death, and a looming reality hang in the consciousness of American society, these artists explore depictions of the future in defiance of the present. In three filmed segments, artists Jasmine Infiniti, Reyna Ripper, and The Stigma Fog Saint present an iteration of the present with performances and sounds that focus on the concept of the future as an exploration of time, in its ability to be frozen like a trance that also always exists within a wave of infinite possibility. Each work, with definitive expressions of different mediums, come together in a common thread that aims at answering the question, What will the future hold?

Friday, October 23 at 7 pm at twitch.tv/coaxialarts A New Futurity invites its audience into a dimension of time that unveils the dark vulnerability of humanity as we hang in the unknown, the dystopian reality, and the daunting hope that lives in the possibility of something to come.

Jasmine Infiniti a Brooklyn-based DJ/Producer. Founder of a record label that highlights the work of queer and trans-POC creatives, performers, and musicians. Infiniti mixes dark ambient techno with industrial sounds, and breakbeats creating a soundscape from the future.

The Stigma Fog Saint a project that meditates on the future for participants who seek it, exploring esoteric and hidden knowledge through durational performance, painting, and sound. The Stigma Fog Saint performs in front of a live audience generally, however, in this iteration of Painted Futures, the audience sends a mailing address and name to the Stigma Fog Saint in order to have their future painted.

Reyna Ripper is a harsh noise visual artist that is based in Los Angeles. Reyna’s work explores themes of death, despair temptation, and desire. “Seratonin Deficiency” is an original track inspired by a post-industrialized dystopian world where we count down the remaining fatalistic days of isolation.